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Maintenance and Repairs

Hollings Auto has a staff of friendly and knowledgeable mechanics equipped with the latest in automotive technology to help keep your car running great, or to get it back to its former glory.


Every car needs a little attention now and then.  Whether it's an oil change, new brakes, or factory recommended maintenance, Hollings Automotive has the know how to keep your car running great.


At Hollings Auto, we know being without your car can put your life on hold.  Our staff will diagnose any service your car may require, then make sure you understand the requirements and cost before moving forward.  The fastest repairs to keep your car safe and reliable for the lowest price is our primary concern.


Hollings Automotive can make your car handle like new, or even better with our full line of suspension maintenance and upgrade kits.  We can even get you a new set of rims and tires from our partners at!
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