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Performance Parts, Installation, and Tuning

At Hollings Automotive, performance is about passion.  Let us help you and your car realize your full potential with our performance modifications!


     Auto Tuning


Most cars have pent-up horsepower hidden in software or worn our parts.  Let us free those ponies and give you back the speed your car should have come with!


     Suspension and Brakes


There's more to performance than going fast in a straight line.  Performance means having full control of your car, after market suspension and brake kits can provide you with the extra control you need!


     Custom Intakes and Exhausts


Let our staff build a custom intake and exhaust for you ride and feel the difference better flow can make! 


     High Performance Modifications


Turbochargers, Superchargers, complete engine rebuilds, the sky is the limit!  The staff at Hollings Auto have experience building and racing all types of high performance cars and bikes!

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